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Waterproof. Reversible. Soft, thick and PVC-free. Inspired by Scandinavian traditional designs, our play mats are created based on neutral coloured concepts. They boast refined geometric patterns and exquisite, timeless aesthetics in only the most premium quality.

Our Finest Features

It's the little things

Signatur Sage baby play mat
  • Soft and thick

    Our mats are made of PU foam and are of 15mm thick. This thickly padded foam are soft for the knees, perfect for your growing little tumblers to play, learn and explore.

  • Non Toxic

    Our play mats are PVC-free, BPA-free, free from toxic materials and biodegradable. They are compliant with Australian & New Zealand AS/NZS ISO 8124 Toy Standards as well as European EN71 Toy Standards, ensuring its quality and safety.

  • Reversible Designs

    Each reversible mat dotes minimalist, clean designs on both sides so pending how your mood pans out - you can change your home as often as you change nappies.

  • Waterproof

    Say goodbye to steam cleaning and sticky rugs! These play mats are a breeze to wipe clean. Simply use damp cloth with soapy water and voila, your mats will be as good as new. 

  • Gift Vouchers

    Have a birthday/ baby shower this weekend? Don't worry we got your back! Give the gift of choice with our Little Wiwa Gift Voucher!
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  • Designed with you in mind

    Our play mats are designed to preserve the beautiful aesthetics of your home, so the enjoyment extends to your whole family. There is absolutely no need to compromise on style!

  • Soft and Thick

    Plush and divinely comfortable - perfect for tummy time.

  • Buy once buy well

    A must-have for families with little ones for a new savvy way to enjoy play time.

Why Little Wiwa?

Let's be honest, why not?

1. Thick cushioning of our mats provides strengthening support during tummy time and protect your little ones as they toddle towards their first steps. 

2. Our Signature minimalist, contemporary & seamless designs (that are definitely not an eye-sore) keep the beautiful aesthetics of your home.

3. 100% PVC Free - no nasty chemicals or additives, ensuring the safety for your bubs when they enter the licking, chewing stage. 

4. House chores made easier. Simply wipe down with soapy cloth if there's milk spills, drools or even nappy leaks - and let's face it, we've all been there! 

5. Premium quality made to last. As parents, we understand the importance of buying things that can stand the test of time and be functional for the family.


1. Not suitable for pets.
(Sorry fur babies!)

2. You cannot wash them in the washing machine or have them steam cleaned.... (wait isn't that a good thing?)

3. Avoid wearing shoes or rough materials, and putting heavy furnitures on the mats as they may cause damage. 

4. Avoid direct contact with permanent inks, markers, scissors or any sharp objects - we don't want anyone/mat getting cut!

5. Avoid direct heat/ sunlight as this may speed up discolouration of the mats, as they are Phthalates-free [i.e. no additional toxic substances generally used to increase colour longevity!]


Love the mat - one of our best purchases for our bub! The material is so soft on the skin and yet it gives a lot of support when bub takes a tumble as she's just started to crawl around.

Absolutely love it! It feels great! Easy to wipe and clean! Love it so much I bought another one! Love the fact that it is not like all the other playmats out in the market with children characters on them. It’s design fits perfectly into any home!

This is exactly what we needed for our little man! It is super padded and comfortable but firm enough to encourage rolling and play! I love that anything (including baby vomit) can get on this mat and if wipes straight off! It also looks really sleek in our house. We love it!

We love, love, love our mat. Ordering was simple, delivery fast and we are thrilled with the look and quality of the product. Everyone that visits us comments about how soft and comfy it is. Our only regret, not having one earlier!

Great product! My little one happily plays on it for hours. Love the squishiness of it that cushions her as she starts to master her movements. Love that it can be used either side up and offers two different patterns. So happy with it!

With wooden floor boards and a little one about to start crawling we urgently needed a safe and non-toxic flooring solution. We're so happy with our mat now. Head bumps & little falls are no longer a worry and because the design is so cute both my partner and I find ourselves spending more time with the little guy down on his level. Just perfect.