• Ensure that all packaging materials are removed and placed away from little ones.
  • The mats are rolled up tightly in individual packaging to reduce volumetric shipping weight. Once taken out of the box packaging, unroll the play mat in reverse direction to release minor creasing and for it to relax and settle. Depending on how long the play mat has been rolled in the box, It can take up to a few days. Having heavy item/s laid on top of the ends will help, but please make sure there are no sharp ends that may cause indentation. 
  • Simply wipe clean with soft cleaning cloth and warm soapy water.
    • There may be stubborn edges/ stronger creases when they are rolled too tight - simply roll it in reverse direction and use the velcro straps to strap it up, leave it overnight, then unroll it and let it face downwards to let it settle naturally. 



      • Wipe clean with damp cloth for everyday cleaning.
      • Add mild (dish only) detergent for soiled mat. Please NOTE: Some natural sprays with essential oils are still strong degreaser (i.e. Eucalyptus Oils/ Essential Oils). Please avoid these as they may cause discolouration. 
      • Avoid Alcohol based cleaning products to prevent discolouration.
      • If using baby wipes, please check its ingredients listing as most baby wipes contain fragrance stabilisers which are of alcohol functional groups that act as preservative-like properties. They are certainly antimicrobial but unfortunately alcohol is not suitable to clean TPU materials as long term use may cause discolouration/ weaken the material and cause easy damage.
      • Do not use any sharp or hot objects around the mat, as it may cause puncture damages.
      • Do not use any strong cleaning agents as prolonged use may damage/ discolour the mat. Before using any cleaning agents, we recommend doing spot test before treating a big surface to ensure that it is suitable for the mat. Some cleaning agents albeit natural and eco-friendly (such as essential oils as noted above) can still cause discolouration as our play mats are natural TPU material and unprotected with any chemicals.
      • Do not place heavy furniture on the play mat as it may cause puncture damages over time.
      • Do not leave it in direct sunlight to avoid heat damage and/or discolouration.
      • Avoid wearing shoes as it may cause puncture damage.
      • Do not use pens/ permanent ink/ markers on the mat. Ball-point pens are not removable.
      • Do not put this in washing machine.
      • Do not steam clean.
      • Not suitable for pets as its claws may cause puncture damages.