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Mista Wiwa Eco-cloth

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Eco-cloth (3pcs per pack)

Mista Wiwa Eco Cloth is reusable, multifunctional and the perfect accompaniment to your cleaning ritual. 

Suitable for all surfaces, it gently and effectively cleans toys, appliances, countertops and is great for the kitchen, bathroom and beyond. 


  • Super absorbent, holding 20x its weight in liquid
  • Fast drying, to avoid odour and bacteria growth.
  • Perfect replacement for paper towels, sponges, dish rags and wipes.
  • Extra durable, withstands both washing machine and dishwasher cycles.
  • Eco-friendly, home compostable and biodegrades at the end of its lifetime.
  • Made in Germany with 30% cotton and 70% cellulose fibre, and non-toxic dyes.

What is included?

3 pieces of Mista Wiwa Eco Cloth in one pack - that is equivalent to 45 rolls of paper towel!

With 3 separate pieces which are conveniently different colour coded, we recommend using each one for a separate purpose in your home.


Place Eco Cloth with water and squeeze out excess water to adequately dampen cloth before using it to wipe. 

After use, rinse and squeeze all liquid before air drying. When used with our Mista Wiwa All Purpose Cleaner, you can be reassured that all germs and nasties have been eliminated. Win win!

When in need of a quick refresh, place on the top rack of your dishwasher or pop into your laundry load cycle.


19 L x 17 cm W (9.00g)


Mista Wiwa Cloth - Natural and Eco FriendlyMista Wiwa Cloth - Non toxicMista Wiwa Cloth - Fragrance FreeMista Wiwa Cloth - Preservatives FreeMista Wiwa Cloth - Alcohol Free

Mista Wiwa Eco-cloth
Mista Wiwa Eco-cloth Sale price$12.00 AUD

Customer Reviews

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Bang for your buck

Amazing reusable cloth, absorbs really well like tuffy paper towels which is getting pretty exsy now. It came out of the dishwasher good as new so if they last a long time and it looks like they will, definitely a great replacement to paper towels and such value for money! Was also pleasantly surprised with the different colours within the pack.

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