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Mista Wiwa - All Purpose Cleaner

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MISTA WIWA is the ultimate Baby-Friendly All Purpose Cleaner, designed to clean high-touch surfaces without harsh chemicals. It is the perfect choice for parents who want to ensure a safe and clean environment for their little one to play and explore.

  • pH balanced with a gentle formula that is effective in eliminating germs and nasties.
  • Eco-friendly and contains no harsh chemicals or irritants.
  • Naturally biodegradable, and is harmless if accidentally ingested by children.
  • Ideal for most common surfaces - from play mats, toys, tables, highchairs, doors, trolley handles to toilet seats, and more.

Each Mista Wiwa bottle is also crafted for use up to an infinite time - it is made to last and its ultra soft and luxurious touch makes it an absolute keeper. 

By refilling and reusing your bottle, together we can reduce single-use plastic from ending in landfill!


Simply spray onto the surface from a 30cm distance, let stand for 30 seconds and wipe with a clean cloth - no rinsing needed!

What is included?

  • 1 ultra soft-touch refillable bottle
  • 400ml contents of MISTA WIWA Baby-Friendly All Purpose Cleaner.


Electrolysed water, <0.01% Sodium Hydroxide & <0.01% Hypochlorous Acid

 Mista Wiwa Cleaner Refill & Reuse

Mista Wiwa - All Purpose Cleaner
Mista Wiwa - All Purpose Cleaner Sale price$15.00 AUD

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mellyza Tanoto
Gentle yet powerful

Have used this for 2 weeks. Clean beautifully with no nasty chemicals and fragrances. Perfect for the family like us who sufferers from eczema. Used this to clean out kitchen and microwave too and it does the job.
Will definitely purchase again

Rin Maehashi
How good is the bottle?

The cutest all purpose cleaner on the market, I really like how the bottle is so soft to touch and pretty enough to display outside not needing to be kept away in the cabinet. I also like how the sprayer gives more of a fine mist which is nice so it covers a bigger surface area with each spray. Will be a staple in our house!

Perfect if you’re sensitive

I’m sensitive to a lot of scents and find the ones off the store too overpowering, so this cleaner has been a perfect alternative. Only been using it for 2 days now but will definitely repurchase!

Mista Wiwa

This all purpose cleaner is amazing! I have used it on my bench tops and play mat. It doesn’t leave any streak marks or nasty smells. Not just a clever name… but a clever formula. Thank you little Wiwa for another amazing product.

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