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Mista Wiwa - Starter Duo Bundle

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Introducing the Mista Wiwa Starter Duo Bundle - the perfect cleaning set for your family!

This Starter Duo Bundle (RRP: $27.00) includes:

  • 1  x MISTA WIWA - 400ml bottle of the ultimate Baby-Friendly All Purpose Cleaner, the ultimate baby-friendly solution for high-touch surfaces. Its gentle and pH-balanced formula effectively eliminates germs and nasties, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for your children. 

  • 1 x Pack of 3 ECO CLOTH - Mista Wiwa Eco Cloth is reusable, multifunctional and the perfect accompaniment to your cleaning ritual. Suitable for all surfaces, it gently and effectively cleans toys, appliances, countertops and is great for the kitchen, bathroom and beyond. 

With the Mista Wiwa & Eco Cloth Duo Bundle, you can rest assured that you're choosing products that prioritise your family's health and the well-being of our planet. It's the ultimate solution to clean with ease and confidence!

 Mista Wiwa Cleaner Refill & Reuse


Mista Wiwa - Starter Duo Bundle
Mista Wiwa - Starter Duo Bundle Sale price$21.60 AUD Regular price$27.00 AUD

Customer Reviews

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Laura Agrimi
Love it!

Absolutely over the moon with this cleaner! Safe and perfect for all high touch surfaces

Perfect starter

I'm glad I got this starter bundle as I've used a different brand cellulose sponge and this was just as good but with better value! The cleaner itself does the job well and has no artificial fragrance which is a nice change, and the bottle is just so so pretty. The packaging was interestingly very luxe for a cleaner and kind of felt like I was receiving a gift!

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