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Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat

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Lille Verden (Small World)

Welcome to our magical small world, imagined from the innocence of a child. Where all bunnies, bears, deer and foxes wander harmoniously around the woodlands. Alongside the stretch of train tracks, little houses scatter near lakes, surrounded by tall trees and hills to climb. Invigorating the little ones’ imagination to play while nurturing ours, as the shade of sage wash unnecessary worries with a calm. Our new collection is tailored for the family, where simplicity meets creativity. The Lille Verden is designed to encourage the little ones to express their imagination and experiences in their unique ways, where anything is possible and endless.

Marmor (Marble)

The elegance of marble is undoubtedly timeless. It carries through time and space, from kitchen, dining, floor, bath, table tops... Why not play mat? An instant splash of splendour at any spot it is placed in. This new design is tailored for you; the Marmor is designed with the comfort and safety to suit your little ones, while aesthetically indulging your eyes. 

The minimalist homes must-have.


Every Little Wiwa® play mat is a premium eco-friendly luxury, sourced and crafted from 100% sustainable and biodegradable TPU foam. These plush mats are reversible, featuring two designs and colours that capture minimalist Scandinavian characteristics to suit your mood with a simple flip.

Designed and tailored with the entire family in mind, the thick shock-absorbent cushioning provides a safety guard and comfort for tummy time support of our little adventurers even as they learn to crawl, walk and play – all without an intrusion to the aesthetics of your existing home décor.

Most importantly, our award-winning play mats are proudly:

  • Non-toxic; PVC-free, BPA-free and free of toxic chemicals (plasticisers, phthalates, cadmium, lead and many more relating to the use of additives in toxic plastic.)
  • Hypoallergenic and does not off-gas Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs.)
  • Waterproof for ease from accidental food spills or boo-boos.
  • Multifunctional – it transforms to suit your needs – from a nappy-change station for bubs, it can also double as a lounging or exercise mat for adults.
  • Easy to maintain and clean with a daily wipe.
  • Lightweight and portable, easy to roll up and store when not in use. 

Generös: 200cm (L) x 140cm (W) x 15mm thick (4.2kg)

MATERIAL: Non-toxic TPU Foam

BONUS FEATURE: All Little Wiwa® play mats come rolled up with 3 Velcro straps in the packaging - these are reusable! They are handy for when you have to roll them up again for cleaning/ to take them outdoors/ playdates - so be sure not to cut them off :)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to absence of toxic additives to TPU material, an ageing process comes naturally with the mats and you might find fading and discolouration over time with usage.  

The timeframe of the ageing depends on the factors and conditions the mat is used and placed within. This process may be accelerated due to heat and humid conditions, prolonged direct exposure to sunlight and/or cleaning practices using harsh cleaning agents.

Particularly with designs in white/lighter colour palettes, the ageing process may present as a yellowing on the surface and/or edges of mat that have been heat-sealed. This ageing process is not a fault but simply a characteristic of TPU material, and we hope you make an informed decision on the colours that you choose prior to purchase. Please refer to our Product Care instructions for best practise and how to minimise discolouration! :)


All our play mats have been tested independently and are compliant with Australian & New Zealand AS/NZS ISO 8124 Toy Standards as well as European EN71 Toy Standards. You can request for full product testing reports by contacting us on


    • Ensure that all packaging materials are removed and placed away from little ones.

    • The mats are rolled up tightly in individual packaging to reduce volumetric shipping weight. Once taken out of the box packaging, unroll the play mat in reverse direction to release minor creasing and for it to relax and settle. Depending on how long the play mat has been rolled in the box, It can take up to a few days. 
    • There may be stubborn edges/ stronger creases when they are rolled too tight - simply roll it in reverse direction and use the velcro straps to strap it up, leave it overnight, then unroll it and let it face downwards to let it settle naturally. 

    • Simply wipe clean with soft cleaning cloth and warm soapy water before first use.



        • We highly recommend wiping the mat(s) clean with soft damp cloth for everyday cleaning.
        • The best way to thoroughly clean the mat is simply using mild (pH balanced) soap. If soiled, simply use a small amount of detergent and wipe down the entire mat and leave it to dry naturally/ dry with a dry cloth. 


        PLEASE NOTE:

        • Do not use any strong cleaning agents as prolonged use may damage/ discolour the mat. 
        • Most baby wipes contain fragrance stabilisers which are of alcohol functional groups that act as preservative-like properties. They are certainly antimicrobial but unfortunately alcohol is not suitable to clean TPU materials. Short term use may not show any/much changes however prolonged use may cause discolouration/ weaken the material and cause easy damage.
        • Please check ingredients listings carefully before use, as some natural sprays/ baby sprays may contain alcohol/ essential oils that are still considered strong degreaser (i.e. Eucalyptus Oils/ Essential Oils). Please avoid these as they may cause discolouration. 
        • Avoid alcohol/ alkaline based cleaning products to keep discolouration at bay. Prolonged use may weaken the material and cause it to easily tear.
        • Do not use any sharp or hot objects around the mat, as it may cause puncture damages.
        • Do not place heavy furniture on the play mat as it may cause puncture damages over time.
        • Do not leave it in direct sunlight to avoid heat damage and/or discolouration.
        • Avoid wearing shoes as it may cause puncture damage.
        • Do not use pens/ permanent ink/ markers on the mat. Ball-point pen marks are not removable.
        • Not suitable for steam cleaning.
        • Not suitable for pets as its claws may cause puncture damages.



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          Little Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat ReviewLittle Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat ReviewLittle Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat ReviewLittle Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat ReviewLittle Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat ReviewLittle Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat ReviewLittle Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat ReviewLittle Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat Review
          Dad Approves!!!

          Being first time parents, it is natural to be mindful and picky of what we buy for our first born child. Especially for us, we only get things that are necessary. We want our son to feel that we are around when he needs us, but at the same time, we like that he explore and discover things on his own way. This mat was one of the best worthy purchases we had, not only it gives the security and safety we want for protecting our son, but it even supported our goals to let him have fun and enjoy his own space. To future parents, dont have second thoughts, the earlier you have this mat on your home, the more your child can make the most of it while they grow! As it never disappoints, we even got us a second mat! Couldnt thank enough Shanti and her avengers as from product inquiry to purchase up to the delivery, they never fail to provide outstanding customer support. All the best to this team!! Daddy approves this mat! :)

          Ar-Ar S.
          Australia Australia
          Little Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat Review
          Great quality, beautiful design!

          I love the product and was 100% satisfied upon delivery! The quality looks great, as the play mat is thick and smooth, just perfect for baby! The design is perfect for me, blending perfectly into my living room. The instructions on how to take care of it are very clear. I love the fact there are 2 different designs that can be changed. The Little Wiwa's customer service is amazing, with such a quick response lead-time and high efficiency. I had a very good experience overall and highly recommend the brand to all parents who want to an ideal combination of quality and design when it comes to baby products ;)

          Melanie L.
          Singapore Singapore
          Little Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat Review
          Great playmat for my baby

          I love the design of this mat and how it’s mostly white so I can see any dirt and hair easily and clean the mat before my baby puts these into his mouth!

          Ming Y.
          Singapore Singapore
          Little Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat Review
          The Comfiest Mat ever!

          We were contemplating on few of the other brands that sells waterproof mat. We decided to go for Little Wiwa as the designs are simple. Easy to go with our decor as well as kids learn better in minimalist environment. My kids loves this mat so much! They can roll and roll and be happy about it. It is so comfortable and made of good quality. My husband already plan to buy the second one!

          Shakila A.
          Singapore Singapore
          Little Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat Review
          Moneys worth

          The best decision that we made. How we wish we got it earlier. We love its softness and design.

          mihnea e.
          Australia Australia
          Little Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat Review
          Love it

          Love it. Beautiful material so soft yet firm to encourage bubba to roll and to give my arm and back a break (little bub loves his cuddles :)) The design is so minimalistic it works perfectly with our home. Love how versatile it is being double sided and whats more, I can do my yoga and stretches on it too while keeping bubba company.

          Cath R.
          Australia Australia
          Little Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat Review
          Love it

          If there was a circle version, in a blush colour, I would buy it also for my daughters room! Love our playroom mat

          Ashleigh B.
          Australia Australia
          Little Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat Review
          2nd purchase and really happy with it!

          It’s my 2nd purchase! We appreciate the amazing customer service from our 1st purchase! She is really patient, responsible and helpful on following up the order. The mat quality is excellent! Yes it is very cold but other than that, it’s very great! Perfect for dogs and Bubs!

          Eva S.
          Australia Australia
          Little Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat ReviewLittle Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat Review
          The BEST

          was never sure if i could justify buying one of these given all the other equipment bub already has, but she is already playing on this mat more than anything else! she rolls constantly after never rolling before, and easily plays with her all her toys. she can go nappy free and it’s no worries if something is spilt. plus it looks lovely in my living room. worth every cent!

          Australia Australia
          Little Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat Review
          Practical and stylish

          We love our Little Wiwa mat! It is such a nice mat for bubs to sit and play on but it’s also such a stylish piece in our living room. Quick delivery too! Thank you :)

          Jess S.
          Australia Australia
          Little Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat ReviewLittle Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat Review
          Love our Mat!

          Product is of great quality, service is great and shipping was exceptional.

          Cassandra S.
          Australia Australia
          Little Wiwa Lille Verden Marmor Generös Play Mat Review
          Classic, On Trend & Very Practical

          Ordered this mat in anticipation and it arrived the day bubs was on the crawl! Couldn’t have come at a better time, family size means all three of my kids can be on the mat at the same time with room for the baby to crawl. Soft and thick enough for her to be comfortable- we have tiles. Love love love the design I already have a friend who’s bought one just from seeing mine x Thank you guys! -Christina

          Christina D.
          Australia Australia
          Love it

          I love the versatility of the design, "grown-up" on one side and cute for kids on the other. Very cushiony and comfortable even on our concrete floor.

          Louise E.
          Australia Australia
          Little Wiwa

          Hi Louise, We wanted to reach out and thank you for writing such a lovely review. So delighted that you are happy with your mat! Kindest, LW Team x

          Incredible quality

          I hummed and arrrr’d over the purchase of this mat. It looked stylish, and was somewhat expensive for the market, however it was the best decision. It is superior quality, looks and feels beyond expectation. I am surprised how many guests to my home have complimented on the mat!! Ill have to buy another one for me - not my baby!

          Natalie C.
          Australia Australia
          Love it!

          The quality is so soft and fast delivery. Loved it so much that I'd ordered another one after receiving the first one

          Winnie T.
          Australia Australia

          my grandson enjoys playing on the matt, it is super soft, even his parents appreciate the comfort of this matt when they play on their wooden floor with him, love it, bought one for my daughter to have at home and another for our holiday house, will now purchase one for our home so when our little grandson visits he will feel at home

          Olivera T.
          Australia Australia
          Peace of mind

          We are loving our new mat and loving the peace of mind that it is toxin free. It is a good size for our living room and really like how thick and spongey it is. Bub loves it.

          Chelsea O.
          Australia Australia
          lille verdan

          soft. easy to clean. pretty print

          Sharifah A.
          Singapore Singapore
          LOVE IT!

          Delivery took a while, I was chasing one for weeks. However, exactly what I wanted and imagined! Quality and comfortable!

          Kristen C.
          Australia Australia
          Love it!

          This is my (my son’s) second Little Wiwa play mat and we love it. I love the neutral white design of this one as it makes his toys stand out while he’s playing on it. I have occasionally slept on it whilst he has been sick (mum life), and it’s been nice and cool and comfortable with a blanket. Would definitely recommend to any future parents.

          Janet J.
          Australia Australia

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