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6 Month Warranty
Little Wiwa offers a 6-month warranty on all of our play mats, from date of purchase. 

If there's any manufacturing fault on the mat, we require you to notify us and disclose this as soon as possible within 7 days of the receiving the product, so we can rectify the issue.

What's not covered?
It does not cover the following but not limited to;-

      • Normal wear & tear from daily and/ continued use such as scratches, tears, stains or discolouration.
      • Accidental damages due to incorrect use and/or failure to follow Product Care Instructions such as the use of alcohol wipes/ harsh chemical agents/ sanitisers/ essential oils etc.
      • Ageing Discolouration. Due to the nature of the material, natural fading and yellowing discolouration may occur overtime on the light colour areas/ edges, this is not a product fault.
      • Puncture Damage (such as pierces and holes) caused by use, accidents and/or failure to follow Product Care Instructions.
      • Mould/ mildew damages due to punctures/ holes/ poor ventilation/ storage in damp spaces.
      • Surface damage due to chemical interaction or cleaning agents including but not limited to baby wipes, abrasive cleaners or scouring pads. 

Warranty Claim

Before you submit your Warranty Claim, please ensure you've read and acknowledge our Warranty Policy above to ensure this applies to your claim.

To start your Warranty Claim process, please click here.

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