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Little Wiwa Photography Collab

Welcome to the Little Wiwa® team!

We look forward to working with you and establish new connections with you and your special little ones. 

As part of the Collab Team,

  • You will experience our product/s and share a glimpse of your own ‘Little Wiwa’ world. 
  • You will receive 2 x Little Wiwa Play Mats
  • (Optional) Join our Brand Ambassadors and provided with a dedicated Discount Code for your followers and opportunity to gain rewards.

Specifically, we are looking for:-

✔️ Engaging and creative visual storytellers 

✔️ Loves and have flair for minimalist décor and photography

✔️ Ability to create genuine, engaging conversations with their readers & followers

✔️ Have the creativity and ability to highlight products adhering to Little Wiwa® mood guide.
[Click here to view Little Wiwa Mood Guide]


We ask our brand collab while adhering to Little Wiwa 
mood guide to provide the following contents, within 30 days of receiving the item;-

    • 15-20 creatively visual and engaging high-resolution images per design. (Please provide unedited Images as well as your own Edited Images)

    • 3-4 Videos/ Instagram Reels with the mat as a highlight. - unique, creative and fun/engaging - some examples include, nursery/room tour, use of play mat in other areas of your home, baby tummy time, play time, messy eating, showcase ease of cleaning etc.
  1. Little Wiwa play mats as the highlight in the images
  2. Please shoot in a wide angle showing the play mat in context in the photo, rather than a close up with straight view, as sometimes the play mat can get lost in the frame.
  3. Full/ Wide angle shot landscape view showcasing whole/ (as much as possible) of the mat in the styled space
  4. Full/ Best portrait view of the space capturing whole/ (as much as possible) of the mat in the styled space
  5. 5 x clear shots with some negative space in landscape
  6. 5 x clear shots with some negative space in portrait
  7. Natural and bright soft lighting
  8. Crisp, bright and modern edit
  9. Clear with no excessive / grainy filters
  10. No simple close ups (context required)
  11. All photography/videography to be done once the mat is completely flattened. 
***Please ensure the play mat is fully settled with no raised edges or corners or showing creases. It might take a few days after the mat is being unrolled and settled on the floor. Please refer to unboxing instructions below.



  1. Upon unboxing, the mat may still curl on the ends due to being tightly rolled in its packaging. (Note: Don't cut off the Velcro straps)

  2. In order to ensure the mat is fully flattened, first - reverse roll the mat and strap it overnight or two with the velcro straps provided on the ends and the middle.

  3. Once unrolled the next day, please leave it flat with the curled edge facing down to further help with gravity.

  4. It should fully flatten within a few days - as it does take time for the foam to reform its new direction. Depending on how tightly the play mat was rolled in its packaging, it may take longer than 48hours. 

Safety Instructions:

Not to be placed under extremely heavy furnitures/ with sharp-ends. 


By becoming Little Wiwa® Collab, you agree to the terms and conditions above.

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