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Now Reading : The Top 10 Baby Must-haves for the Minimalist family

The Top 10 Baby Must-haves for the Minimalist family

The Top 10 Baby Must-haves for the Minimalist family

Spark joy while preparing for your newborn!

Stepping into the world of baby products can be just as overwhelming as seeing that positive pregnancy test appear for the first time! With Marie Kondo paving the way on how to declutter and “spark joy” in our homes, we wanted to share our 10 favourite items to simplify bub’s arrival.

At Little Wiwa, we love minimalist designs with purpose. Apart from basic essentials such as cot, pram and car seats, finding other daily essential items that blend seamlessly into a family’s lifestyle and home will allow more time to enjoy precious moments. Plus, less clutter equals less waste, more functionality and more enjoyment!

Here are our Top 10 Baby Must-haves to inspire purchases for a Mama to be!

1. Ergo Baby Omni 360 Baby Carrier (A$299)

Ergobaby has pioneered innovative baby carriers in Australia and New Zealand. Both husband and I loved using this with our first bub and we reused it again two years later with our second. It’s a definite must-have item in our household and we love the fact that it is such a durable piece! You can do so much with the Omni 360. It is ergonomic, adjustable for newborn to toddler carrying, breastfeeding friendly and has the forward facing, back and hip carry option. As a new parent, a baby carrier is beneficial for those situations where bub needs to be close and you need your hands free. And trust us, that’s pretty much everyday!

Thanks Ergo Baby for having kindly offered our readers 25% off any purchase! Use our special code LITTLEWIWA25. #yourewelcome!

2. Love to Dream Swaddles (from A$39.95)

Many babies prefer to sleep with their arms up like they just don’t care! Not only have Love to Dream cleverly tailor-designed these swaddles in a natural sleeping position (that looks so blissful for the sleep-deprived onlookers!) the design also allows babies to access their hands for self soothing. Love to Dream have created smart sleepwear for children to promote safe, comfortable sleep positions - talk about functionality at its best! Our kids loved sleeping in their Love to Dream Swaddles and it is a must have for all families who treasure their sleep!


3. Jamie Kay Original Cotton Body Suit (A$28.58)

From Jamie Kay’s most popular children’s range, the 50% cotton and 50% modal blended body suit is oh-so-soft and snuggly! Made with care and cotton breathability in mind, each piece is designed in New Zealand. Their items are durable, GOTS certified and ethically made with organic cotton. The only issue we have with their range is we can’t stop buying them what with all dreamy colours to choose from! We can vouch that the addiction is real. We have two extraordinarily stylish bubs as proof. Who doesn’t love Jamie Kay?! 

Myle Aus

4. Myle Nappy Caddy (A$44.95)

This nursery organizer makes those endless nappy changes efficient and effortless. It has a dual purpose of being a portable changing station with attachable handles and a permanent nappy pit stop. This caddy has generous storage space and customizable compartments – perfect for the nursery, play rooms, or even in the car boot for those emergency nappy changes. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there!

Thanking MyleAUS for offering a gift for our readers. 15% off using the code WIWA at checkout! #youarewelcome!

5. Bubnest Baby Nest from (A$229)

You know what they say, “never wake a sleeping baby.” Bubnest have made it easier to cocoon your baby for a peaceful nap time wherever you are! Made in Brisbane, Australia, the Baby Nest is made of organic materials inside and out. It provides a portable and toxin free healthy space for baby to rest. The Bubnest was designed and founded by Swedish born Astrid who made a nest for her own bub when travelling. We absolutely love the thoughtfulness of Bubnest’s beginnings and the scandi-feel of the design. It served as a practical and familiar place for our bubs to catch some z’s uninterrupted, no matter where we were!

Thanks Bubnest for offering a gift of a Free Organic Wrap with any nest purchased until Sunday 21/7/19. Pop in the code LITTLEWIWA at checkout!

6. Emondo Kids Rainbow Plate with Suction (A$45)

The Rainbow plate is a beautifully crafted and practical item for bubs on their way to the world of solids. Emondo’s bamboo dinnerware is BPA free, food safe and ethically made for all those delicious meals bub is going to enjoy over the years! In fact, one of their bowls have just won a silver medal in the Mychild Excellence Awards! The addition of the silicone cap to suction the bowl to the table helps to minimise any bowl throwing. We can’t guarantee there won’t be any food throwing, but you win some, you lose some! Once bub has emerged through the destruction phase, the suction cap can be removed, so the bowl can be enjoyed independently.

Thank Emondo for jumpstarting your investment! They have offered 15% off with the code LITTLEWIWA on their website until end of August!

We Might Be Tiny

7. We Might Be Tiny Catchie Bibs & Snackies (from A$29)

These Catchie Bibs are an absolute essential in our household as the bub is a world class food-spiller. We Might Be Tiny’s bib always manages to catch his spillage and we would avoid the daily mopping of his meal areas. It is soft, flexible, generous in size and our favourite feature is how easy it is to clean! A simple warm water rinse or a cycle in the dishwasher and it always looks brand new - what’s not to love? They have stood the test of time and oh-so-many washes in our household and is a wise investment for bubs embarking on their solids journey! Don’t forget their cute Snackies with shapes of cat, bear and bunny. They are made of food-grade silicone and withstand all situation be it the freezer, microwave, oven or dishwasher. The bubs love eating out of it at home, the car or out at a picnic. Durable and easy on your purse, grab them quick!
Outlook baby

8. Outlook Car Window Sunshades (A$39.95)

Okay. We all know how our anxiety goes through the roof when travelling with a crying baby. One of the top reasons bub cries are simply having the sun right in their eyes! So this is a definite must-have as not only does it keep the lights out but it keeps bub protected from harmful UV rays all year round. As recommended by the Australian Skin and Cancer Foundation, we love the Outlook Baby Autoshade for a non-permanent car window shade. It screens up to 90% of the harmful UV rays when attached to car windows. Not only assisting with reducing glare and heat, the window can still be lowered with the sunshade in place, if we needed a bit of fresh air! We love that their amazing design even stops any bugs entering the car, while keeping the space well ventilated and sun protected! 

You can save 10% today with code WIWA10 thanks to Outlook Baby!

9. Bubs and Grubs Wooden Playpen 3 in 1 Deluxe Hexagonal (A$129)

So some of us like to fondly call these playpens a “cage” but in our house, they are called “THE Enclosure of Happiness.” We cannot stress enough how useful this play pen has been throughout the last few years in our house - having a secure space for bub to roam in and its beautiful design is a major plus! The Wooden Playpen from Bubs and Grubs can be customized into 3 different shapes depending on your child’s needs. It is suitable for babies aged between 6 and 24 months, although our (almost) 3 year old still has playtime with his little brother in it. Made and designed in Australia, the playpen is a must have for when you need to pop bub down in a safe space, especially during that adventurous stage!

Little Wiwa Play Mats 

10. Little Wiwa Play Mats (from A$139)

Australian based, our Little Wiwa play mats are but of course.. our favourite play mat!

Inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics, our plush play mats are reversible with two sleek designs – you can choose which side to use to suit your home décor and mood! They are made using 100% sustainable, non toxic Polyurethane foam and free from PVC, making it a safe choice for the bubs.

We will go as far as saying that these mats have literally saved our bubs’ lives on a daily basis. They are thickly cushioned so the countless free falls and face planting from the bubs never did any damage (apart from the shocked, short cries.)

The Little Wiwa mats are perfect for bubs’ developmental stage - tummy time, sitting, standing to walking! They are comfortable on the knees for both bubs and parents, so when bubs are not using, ex-gymnast hubby does his exercises on the mats - better than a yoga mat! As per mentioned before, little bub is a world- class spiller so we love how the mats are also waterproof. Be it accidental food spills or nappy accidents alike, it is always a breeze to clean.

At the risk of sounding biased, we will have to stop raving about our mats, but will have to recommend them as they are absolutely one of the constant items we use in our household! Don't take our word for it - check out our testimonial page to see what others think! 

Oh if you have any absolute must-haves that you'd love to share be sure to comment below! :)

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