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Now Reading : Little Wiwa Dad Spotlight

Little Wiwa Dad Spotlight

Little Wiwa Dad Spotlight

Get to know the dad behind Little Wiwa!

1. What do you do at Little Wiwa?

In the beginning, I was the warehouse “garage” manager. Have had very interesting conversations with our neighbours at 4am whilst preparing for playmats deliveries the next day. (Our neighbour happen to be building a light aeroplane at the same time - which was super cool).

Now as the CFO, I mainly focus on the financial side of the company, liaise with the investors, monitor the currency fluctuations in the market, manage compliance and cashflow.

2. How do you separate business life and personal life in general?

It’s a challenge. I live by the ethos of ‘Balance’.

The key is organisation and discipline.

I juggle Little Wiwa, my separate finance business (Your Loan Assist) and personal life, by having strict schedules and keeping to them. For example, in the mornings and evenings when the kids come home from kindy/care - strictly no business.

One of my joys is being able to pick up my kids from school.

3. How did you and Shanti meet?

We met at work. Shanti didn’t seem to “get” my advances when the rest of our work colleagues did. So they proactively helped out and finally Shanti got the message. The rest is history.

4. How have you learnt to be who you are?

Growing up with parents who are refugees, it taught me to be grateful for all the opportunities that are presented to us and to not be afraid to take them.

There’s always a solution to every problem. You just have to have the guts to figure it out.

5. What were you like when you were 18 years old? 

Incredibly motivated gymnast who hated uni

6. What’s your favourite movie of all time? 

Gattaca - and that's how Vincent got his name!

7. What are 3 things do you want to teach your kid(s) and hope they’ll NEVER forget?

i. The value of a dollar

ii. The value of work ethic

iii. Plan your dream and implement

8. What’s one thing you’d really like to do on Father’s Day?

Play in Handstand for a solid hour, then eat a delicious donut

9. What is your favourite memory of YOUR dad?

Winning gymnastics national team silver medal while competing on the same team as him. I was 19 and he was early 40's

10. Who is another father you really admire? What quality do you respect the most?

My father. He is my hero.

He taught me to be the man that I am, and he always carried the family on his back without any complaints.

We're now the closest we've ever been and I aspire that I will have the same relationship with my sons.

11. Whats your favourite Dad Joke?

If I were you... I wouldn't be me! Ha! 


Happy Father's Day to all the Little Wiwa Dads!

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