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Now Reading : A Checklist to Babyproofing Your House

A Checklist to Babyproofing Your House

A Checklist to Babyproofing Your House

Getting ready for your newborn

Okay. So, the bun in your oven is almost done, and like many new parents you are finding yourself second-guessing if enough research and preparation has been done for the arrival of your newborn.

We got you – because we were you; nerves shot what with baby may be coming any day now and we can confirm that the stress is REAL.

So let us take a deep breath and break it down together through this babyproofing checklist, that will hopefully ease you into adjusting to the first steps of parenthood! 

While shopping for the essentials may seem like the priority with a newborn on the way, we believe starting with babyproofing your home may be the first step to form an overview of your must-have shopping list.

Start with the big picture items: do you own any furniture that may tip over and can be anchored (secured or mounted) to the wall? 

If so, make sure you tackle this first. You may think – are we getting ahead of ourselves here – but no, don’t assume that just because it is heavy and even you had trouble moving it, that piece of furniture won’t tip over.

Additionally, you don’t want to be blindsided because you never know when bubba will make their move. Every piece of heavy, sturdy furniture can be a hazard when coupled with destabilising actions such as leaning and climbing. 

Top topple suspects: the ‘must-be anchored’

  • Bookcases and other shelving units
  • Dressers
  • Chests and drawers
  • Tall shoe racks
  • Desks and tables
  • Heavy chairs
  • TV and TV stands
  • Any other tall and unstable furniture

Almost all of us own some or at least a few variations of the above. The probability of big, heavy items tipping over is high – trust us! With a combination of our experiences with furniture mishaps involving toddlers and a bit of cry from both bubba and us, it leads us to the next more in-depth section of the essentials in babyproofing your home. 

The must-buys 

To anchor your furniture, you would need some brackets (if you’ve lost the ones that came with the furniture) and some tools that you may already own. Head over to the hardware store and they can guide you on finding the right brackets and tools. While at the store, you may want to make these purchases as well:

  • Corner and edge guards

The sharp edges on your existing furniture is always a looming hazard, for bubba’s bobbing head, and our stubbed toes can testify.

  • Childproof locks

Drawers and cabinets that may be full of cleaning products and other items that are toxic for baby must be locked. You may find another spot to store these but sometimes it is impractical and an easy fix is using these childproof locks!

  • Finger pinch guards

Protect your baby’s fingers by installing these on all your doors to avoid doors closing on those tiny fingers (ouch!)

  • Childproof coverings for electrical outlet

They are always within baby’s reach and the clicking of switches always seem so amusing to kids. You must switch electrical outlets when not in use, but better still to stick on some childproof covering for extra peace of mind.

  • Cleats/tension devices

Anyone with loose blind or electrical cords? Well get on this now, fix any loose cords as they pose a strangulation hazard. Secure them with cleats and place it far from baby’s reach wherever possible.

  • Safety gates

Control access with these magic little dividers. If you have forbidden areas with possible dangerous items, make sure to install one at every entry point.

  • Toilet seat locks

Bub may try to climb into it, it’s hard, slippery and also the pool of water inside is not only a drowning hazard but also yuck and believe at least a good bath session is in order if a mishap happens in there.

Now that you have envisioned a safe environment for the baby, do you feel better? Here’s a little checklist you can print out to guide you at the store.

Once you ensure that a good babyproofing has been carried out, you can start on your journey to your next shopping list for new parents. See you at our next checklist at Baby Essentials: Must-Haves VS Nice-To-Haves!

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