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Labyrint Grey - Cirkulär

$139.00 AUD
Labyrint Grey Cirkular baby play mat

Labyrint Grey - Cirkulär

$139.00 AUD

The Labyrint Grey X Labyrint Dark Grey

The Labyrint is designed in Australia and inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics. Our original and one of the best-selling designs.

Little Wiwa mats are crafted from non-toxic, sustainable materials. These plush mats are reversible, featuring two designs and colours to match your mood and capture that urban or playful feel at your choice. They are functional for the entire family, the thick cushioning as a safety guard for the bubs to toddle and the sleek design as a centrepiece for the parents. From a nappy-change station for bubs to a nap station for the parents, these mats transform themselves to suit your needs. 

The Labyrint - Grey mats come in Generös and Cirkulär sizes. 

Generös: 200cm (L) x 140cm (W) x 15mm thick (4.2kg)
Cirkulär: 120cm diameter x 15mm thick (2.4kg)

MATERIAL: Non toxic PU Foam
Designed in Australia

BONUS FEATURE: All Little Wiwa play mats come rolled up with 2 Velcro straps in the packaging - these are reusable and sustainable! Handy for when you have to roll them up again for cleaning/ to take them outdoors/ playdates. So be sure not to cut them off ;)