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Safety first. It’s the first thing that pops to mind with a little one on the way. But somewhere between buying that first animal rattle and that last rainbow set of blocks you realise that your home has become one technicolour atrocity.

When I couldn’t find a baby play mat that wasn’t loud in a myriad of colours or that is safe for the child and the environment, I decided to fill this gap in the market. Those were the main reasons why Little Wiwa was born.

Little Wiwa play mats are made using 100% sustainable and non toxic Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) foam and free from PVC, BPA and latex, making it a safe choice for your little ones. TPU foams are a safe alternative to PVC foams. After learning about the dangers of PVC and how risky it is to our (kids') health, there is no turning back.

Little Wiwa play mats are thickly cushioned (15mm), comfortable for the knees and waterproof – a breeze to clean. To top it off, they are designed with beautiful, Scandinavian aesthetics in mind, making it a perfect addition in any minimalist, modern abode - so there is absolutely no need to compromise on style!